Explanation of Options

Ok, This is the fun stuff!

We want your Forever Moment to be customized to you. Therefore, we offer a variety of different options for you to customize each layout.


We know that our kids love it when their name is on something special (and we love it too.!)  Almost every layout can be customized with your kid’s (or your) names .  Just type it in exactly how you’d like it to appear.

Would you like to add 2 or 3  names on one picture? Go for it   - for an example of this, just check out “Snow Day” . It has “lucy & tyler” in the custom name block.

If there are layouts that have really limited space for the number of letters  - we’ll let you know in the “Customize your layout “ section of each item page.

Grandparent (or parent) nicknames:

We  always wanted to find products that could have our kids nicknames on them– or even better, gifts for our parents that had the nick names our kids called them. I mean really, what ‘Mee-ma’s’  heart wouldn’t melt  for a picture of her grandkids with “We love you, Mee-ma” on it? Therefore – on many of our layouts, you can add nicknames and other personal details.

Sport and School Colors: 

Can’t Hide Our Pride!!  Looking for a way to show off you school or team sprit? Many of our school or sports layouts can be customized with colors to match your team colors. On those layouts, you’ll see an option to pick the color from a list of 7 colors.


The detail are what make any memory special. Many of our layouts will ask you for custom details: The name of your child’s school, their jersey number in soccer, etc.  Just fill in exactly as you’d like it to appear on your layout.

Upload your picture:

If the picture for your layout is a digital image, why not uploads it to us and have us assemble it all for you? For just $2.00 more, we’ll make a photo-store quality print of your picture and put it right into your layout.

Our only restriction is that we can not print pictures from professional photographers unless you have purchase the rights to digital image and the right to duplicate it. Thanks!

Or order a frame from us and we’ll put it all together for you  - ready to hang on the wall!


We love seeing our favorite moments on display. Order a frame from us and you’ll receive your Forever Moment already in the frame  - ready to add your picture! Or upload your picture to us and well assemble it all together for you! Your Forever moment will arrive ready to give to Mom as a gift or hang on your wall!