We Make the Gifts That Make Moms Cry

We are a group of Moms who got a little tired those ‘great photo shots’ of our kids, tucked away in a drawer, that never see the light of day. Let’s get them out of the drawers and onto the walls.

We also thought, what if-- instead of just stuffing yet another school picture into an envelope for the grandparents-- we made them into a real gift to be treasured forever?

Thus, The Forever Moments was born.

We also knew that most moms LOVED the personalization of great Scrapbook pages – but seriously, who actually has the time to do it?

So…we create personalized layouts for you.

Get those pictures off your SD card or out of the drawer!

Then we starting thinking…What about fundraisers?

We were tired of chocolates and fruit cakes, wrapping paper and knick-knacks sold at school fundraisers.

What if we helped schools by offering a family-friendly product, unique and personal, for their fundraisers?

Thus, our fundraising side was born (sensing a trend here?)

Our goal is to a have company that’s lots of fun to work for, helps you hold on to those perfect moments of life, and helps fund our kids’ schools and organizations in the process.

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We can't even imagine how tough it is for our military families waiting on the homefront for Dad or Mom to come home... The least we can do is support them!

For every military layout purchased, we donate $1 to Blue Star Families - a group doing some awesome things to support our military families. Check them out!"


"Lots of the images you see on our site are from our fav photographer Maureen Cassidy. Check her out here!!"